Israeli Biotech Company Working On A Vaccine That May Help Treat 90% of Cancer Types

Vaxil Biotherapeutics is developing a revolutionary new treatment for cancer called ImMucin. As for now, there isn’t a vaccine in the market but if anyone can make it happen – it’s the startup nation!

Correction Notice:
On June 24th, 2019 it came to our attention from that our original headline and post description was unintentionally misleading.

Previous Headline: "New Israeli Cancer Vaccine May Cure 90% of All Cancer Types in One Shot"
Previous Description: "Another medical miracle from Israel" pointed out the problematic structure of the headline and description which may have suggested that there is a cancer vaccine that already exists. We would like to apologize to our users who may have thought so too. We never meant to mislead anyone - our mission is to display only the truth. As result, we immediately corrected our mistake by rephrasing the headline and description into its corrected format.

Thanks to Alan Duke, we'll do a better job screening our articles before publishing.


Category: Innovation

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