A complaint that says crosses at Catholic school are “offensive”, and prevent Muslim prayers, has been filed against Catholic University in Washington D.C…


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  • Don’t go to a Catholic School if you don’t want to honor our Religion. I believe in my faith and don’t think Muslims have the right to invoke their beliefs on me in my Country at a Catholic School.

    • Fuck the muslims. They should not go to a Catholic school. I am so very tired of their fucking demands. Go back to a muslim country. I agree.

  • Students go to school to study ! And not to pray or offer prayers. This is just a mocary. I’d say hand them a TC and have them leave in violation of school code of conduct.

  • The students aren’t there to study. That’s why they had all the time in the world to see the cross hanging on its own on the wall and also they’ve got no focus else, they wouldn’t see the cross as obstructing them from realizing their dreams.
    The present Emir of the Kano emirate and the 2nd in hierarchy to the Sultan of Sokoto emirate attended a catholic missionary school in the Christian-dominated southeastern Nigeria and his schooling there had no influence on his Islamic faith.

    Those girls should be 👢 outta that school for being intolerant of their host in his domain.
    These are tell signs of extremism brewing up in their empty heads.

  • This is America, this is a Catholic School and this is their right to be whom they are and don’t have to do anything to accommodate them in any sort of way.
    They show nothing but disgrace towards the school and America and are supposed to be there to learn. Things like this now make people wonder what is it they are learning and how will it be used? They just need to LEAVE America and do it IMMEDIATELY!!!

  • Catholics will always cherish their crosses and will never remove them .I will always wear my cross and so will future generations . My beliefs are sacred to me and you should respect my choice as I respect yours. The fact the cross offends you is your problem . We are not here to bow down to your God We are here to praise our Lord so get use to it or go back to your original place of birth. We will never accommodate your religious beliefs we have our our own.Amen

  • Would be nice to see Islam being robustly told where to go in Ireland. We only have media shills not prepared to speak out to defend our culture. It was refreshing to see the correct response here & men with a set of balls calling out the bloody cheek of creeping islam & its intolerance. Double standards indeed, one rule for Christians, and islamics do what they like, counting on Christian *tolerance while they flex their muscles. Give an inch & islam will try take over.

  • Unless there’s something new this is related to a story from 2010 when a professor from a different university filed a complaint but no students at Catholic University or at his school made a complaint. It was refuted by the University in 2011. Is there something new here or is this just really lazy reporting?

  • So one simple question – WHY are Muslims attending a “CATHOLIC” school? I find their request insulting and I think they need to find another school.

  • You willing applied to a Catholic School. The expectation was that you were willingly entered a Catholic/Christian school. I know for a fact that before you can enter such a school the rules of conduct, expectations for prayer, mass, devotions, behavior, dress codes, etc are all spelled out and these ladies agreed to and signed them.
    If you do not like the rules, leave. If you do not like the owner’s thoughts at a Christian bakery? Don’t solicit it. If you do not like the Pagan bong shop? Don’t go in there. It is a simple solution.
    Do NOT however join the school with the intention of making them adapt to your desires. That is selfish, unGodly (by the name of any God) and childish.

  • Looool I’m screaming right now! This is hilarious! Someone light a candle to St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes. Muslims in a Catholic school demanding the symbol of Jesus’s sacrifice be removed. Good luck there you two.
    I think they will throw you out before you get your wish. Just when people thought Christians were unmoving, meet catholics .

  • Piss off! You don’t like the Canadian ways, then take your sorry ass back to where you came from. Take your mosque with you to, there is no place in Canada for them. Its not our way.

  • This must be fake news cause a muslim of sound mind and body wouldn’t intentionally enroll in a Catholic School intentionally.. and expect them to change there system for them