Yasir Qadhi, a Memphil Imam based in Tennessee, preaches openly about what Islam truly is…


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  • where do these whatever you want to call them, get their crap from? their anus has changed places with their mouth. every time they open their mouths, sh1t comes out,what, besides murder, killings and mayhem, have they contributed to the world? for example, they have honour killings, what kind of honour is there in plain murder?

  • Let me point out one thing we can all agree upon. There is one creator of all, God. So riddle me this, why would the creator of everything, all of us divide Mame hurt destroy itself? I think this man is listening to the liar and it’s lies. Cognitive dissonance is synonymous with Stockholm Syndrome. Sir, you are in error.

  • MODERATE MUSLIM… I think not! It seems to me that… The Radical Muslim wants to behead you … The so-called Moderate Muslim wants the Radical Muslim to behead you!
    I submit that there is no radical or a moderate Muslim. Just a Muslim who’s answered the call of Allah, the Quran, and Mohamed to kill the infidels and those waiting to receive the call. After all they have no choice in the matter if ordered they must or be killed themselves.
    All Muslims use the same Quran which teaches lying to infidels to advance Islam and killing all non converting infidels. The Koran further teaches them NOT to assimilate with other societies so they how can they make good Americans? As the progressive socialist democrats would like you to believe.
    If it were possible for Muslims to coexist there would be churches of all faiths in Mecca ….and there would not be the genocide of other religions in Muslim countries would there?
    So what is the Bull shit the progressive socialist democrats are spewing about us coexisting with Islam in America? I submit the answer for America is to ban ISLAM in America since Islam hates us and has declared war on us the great Satan and vow to overthrow our government and way of life.
    Why would we allow this vile evil group to remain in our country that openly Hate and seek our destruction? It is insanity to think we can coexist with people that want to kill us and destroy our country. It takes a special kind of IDIOT to believe importing welfare Recipients that want to kill us is a good idea.

  • If this guy is calling for murder rape and thief of Americans them he should be deported ! Anyone that comes to our country and can’t assimilate should also be deported! Let’s start with the Congress woman from Minnesota!

  • Their “religion of peace” is founded on the principles of a pedophile, hate monger and advocate of genocide.
    Muhammad married a nine year old girl. Directed the annihilation of millions of “infidels” and in that toilet paper his cult follows, he directed them a total of 108 times, to kill all nonbelievers in its pages.
    It is said that only 1.8% of Muslims follow this horrible edict, based on numbers, that’s around 1.5 to 2 million jihadists. Worldwide.