Maybe he has a different version than the rest of the world…


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  • First of all Islam is not even a religion, it is a fascist patriarchal dictatorship. If …I say if If Islam was a peace-loving religion why do Muslims / Imams never condemn all the misery caused by terrorists. The silence of Muslims of all kinds after a terrorist attack speaks a very clear language.

  • One God,One Lord,One World,One Nation,One Kingdom,One People,One Creator,One Government.
    One Ruler of Abrahamic Religion.One Creator over Moses,Jesus and Mohammed.
    One Book of books,One Heart of worship to the Almighty Father.
    One Resurrection,One Princehood, One Priesthood,One Popeship,One Brotherhood,One Empire,One Glorious Kingdom Heritage.

  • Guy don’t condemn Islam, they do condemn all misery. May be u are from religion counter part of Islam that’s why you are saying things any how, just read your book (faith) with the mind of understanding may be u May attain to say justice concerning other faith like Islam.