While it is politically correct to say that mainstream Muslim groups in America are
moderate, some Muslim leaders masquerading as moderates are in fact extremists who
tacitly support terrorism.

Islamic leaders such as Shukri Abu Baker, President of the Holy Land Foundation, and Omar
Ahmad, founder and Chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) present
themselves as moderates and say that terrorism is not consistent with the teachings of the
Quran and the Prophet Muhammed, but avoid condemning specific terrorist groups, namely
Hamas and Hizbollah. In 2000, American Muslim Council (AMC) leader Abdurahman Almoudi
openly declared his support for Hamas. Almoudi, widely considered by American officials to
be a moderate leader, was subsequently arrested for financing terrorism in 2004.

The FBI uncovered a document by the Muslim Brotherhood, forerunners of Hamas and the
Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which sees their goals in North America as a “grand Jihad” to
destroy Western civilization from within. The document calls for setting up mosques and
Islamic centers “to achieve their ultimate goal, which is to destroy the miserable houses of
the West so that they will be expelled and that Allah's religion is made victorious over all
other religions.”

The so-called moderate and very influential Imam Abdul Alim Musa forecasted: “Islam is
coming to America not through violence, It's coming to America the same way Christianity
came to Rome…Allah said that ‘Islam will rise to its proper position in the world whether
these polytheists, hypocrites, criminals, oppressors, all of them, whether they get together,
still Islam will reign supreme, whether they like it or not.’” Musa even has a target date for
this Islamic takeover. “On our website we talk about the Islamic state of North America in
about 2050.”

In the meantime, Musa doesn’t mince words with regard to Islamic terrorists. “The Hamas
and the Hizbollah, they’re good people. They don’t deserve condemnation; they deserve
congratulations,” said Musa.