This clip illustrates the real beliefs of the so called “moderate” Islamic groups in the United States…


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  • Not on President Trump’s watch as he is God’s man of power for thos hour. Do not fight against God, you CANNOT WIN.

  • This has been the Islamic intention all the time! If you refuse to believe their beliefs many are beheaded. Many Americans think diplomacy will take care of this! Watch where so many are beheaded without hesitation—-the honorable politically correct think they can talk themselves out of this! Thanks for importing them, Barack Hussein!!

  • It’s here, and It won’t come about by a sudden onslaught – it will come about much slower. We see it already as our schools (K – College) slowly immerse our kids in the liberal left’s recipes of lies to accept the sick Muslim doctrines.
    They will creep, challenge, and complain: all in plain sight – pivoting in many directions; all with the same goal.
    Acceptance, and then Sunserviance.
    Millions of us will need to interrupt our comfortable lives losing everything we’ve worked for because it will be the government liberals that stand in for them in our courts as proxies.
    Outlaw and remove those known to be indoctrinated.

    • Hopefully this will be corrected when we elect a conservative Congress, strengthen the Senate, and re-elect President Trump!

  • Lately, the refugee resettlement and expanded visa programs have enjoyed the full support of both the Democratic and Republican Parties. With all the problems rising from the border issue and from the 911 catastrophe, our Congress had failed to take a serious issue on this subject which has left this nation exposed and unprotected. Jimmy Carter signed into law the Refugee Act of 1980, allowing the “United Nations”, not Congress or the Immigration Naturalization Department to select what refugees are to be sent to what “American” cities. As a result, those selected are increasingly coming from hotbeds of Sunni radicalism like Syria, Iraq, Somalia, and other waring Muslim nations while a growing population of persecuted “Christians” is being left behind to suffer at the hands of ISIS and other radical Islamists. How is it possible that organizations like these can vividly violate the sovereignty of a free and independent nation?
    The United States government uses a network of private global agencies, most with fancy churchy names like Lutherans, Catholics, Episcopalians, Jews, and even evangelicals, to do the resettlement work, to make it appear to be legitimate and the Christian thing to do and the American public is completely shut out of the process from the beginning to the end because of our lazy and incompetent Congress. No public hearings, no public notices in local newspapers asking for input from states, counties, cities & towns and those communities which make up the population. The “Refugee” influx is not a humanitarian crisis as it is portrayed, but an opportunity for the liberal left to engage in social engineering on a massive scale while flooding Western Europe and the U.S. with “Jihadists” who easily infiltrate among peaceful refugees, just as the Islamic States has long threatened to do. We are being deceived by the political elite, news media services, and those attempting to establish a “New World Order”.
    How often have we witnessed able-bodied Muslim men between the ages of 16 – 45, military-aged men, flooding across European borders without women or children only to create chaos and destruction within the host nation. Establishing a beachhead for the domination of Islam. Since Obama’s tenure, we have experienced a massive influx of unvetted Muslim men who again is not accompanied by women or children and are of military age. For what other purpose are they pouring into the United States for other than to establish a beachhead, set up training camps, conduct intelligence, mark crucial targets, etc. Political asylum is being utilized as a crutch and if this nation continues to accept the overflow of unaccompanied Muslim men, we can begin to expect turmoil and directed attacks against the nation and our people. Why don’t fellow Arab nations take in their brethren? Saudia Arabia has built tent cities that can house 300,000, yet not one refugee has been taken into their fold – why?
    Kuwait the same and so is the United Arab Emirates. All three Arab nations are the richest and their countries are vast in area. They would rather pay dollars and have America take in these people then to threaten their own national security through “Tribal” discontent. Where do these dollars go? To whom? The goal of Islam is to dominate the world. What better way than to pay for a non-Muslim country, greedy hungering for monies to take them, threatening their safety and security, sucking their assistance programs dry, demanding their laws be changed to accommodate them, out-breeding their people, thereby gaining the majority. We see it in Dear Borne, Michigan and other smaller towns and cities through the U.S.A. and yet immigration and the Department of Justice continue to allow it to happen. No America, our nation will one day become a Muslim servant wasteland under their control if we Americans don’t take the necessary steps to ends this so-called Refugee Resettlement Program. We must contact our State and Federal Representatives and demand that “WE” don’t want them here.