Even the local police allowed it to happen…


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  • This is showing what the tribulation of the last days will be like and Persecution against those who refuse to accept Islamic Stuff those 4 children who died will be heroes and it was shocking what Obama did and the Christian being stoned in Mishigan

  • I would like to see all of these barbarians removed from this country immediately. Their should be no areas that are “No Go Zones” that are created by Muslims. If necessary, the military should be brought in and the entire area cleared of any weapons and any Muslims who are inciting or acting out in violence. I would like it if no Muslims were allowed in this country period.

  • That is a disgrace: the police officer who cheering for the Demonstrators to be assaulted and battered and none of the police done anything to protect people marching under the first amendment. Those people are not Americans they are muslims and they should be removed from this nation immediately they consider that Dearborn is conquered land and no law of this nation applies to them . They are to destroy America

  • Why are we allowing this to happen? Man send em all back where they belong or just shoot em and solve the problem… useless people …. and this is why their counties are so messed up.. deport them all and let em kill each other