Obama, finally admits his Muslim faith…


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  • That why every time our troop got in to a fire fight they had to call that flag it of a muslims president for fire support; went our troop were getting over run. And by time they got a response from the flag it presents some times it was to late.
    He’s the one that should be on trail for treason. Not our President Donald John Trump.

  • Before he was elected, he claimed to be a Christian. Lying sack of dirt.
    Being the American president and a Muslim created a conflict with our ally Jerusalem.

  • Put all of then in deportation to much democracy is distroying this country they are getting a lot of benefits in America and at the same time put the knife in our backs pass a law and make them to be christian or go back to their country America is a nation under God not under Ala

    • So true, right now Iran and Iraq want all of our military out of their countries, well We The People 🇺🇸🇺🇸 want all muslims that aren’t Christians and believe in GOD JEHOVAH JESUS CHRIST HOLY SPIRIT, out of our USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸!

  • Christians and Muslim are one according to the history but just because of business and trade exchange of contracts we have no mercy to each other

    • Christians and muslims are not the same, muslims are pure evil sent by satan, they kill everyone including children, we need to get them out of our Christian country.

  • Interesting that people who claim they are “Christian” are posting these hateful and intolerant comments. Would Jesus approve of your words? I don’t think so. . . .You can post anything you want, but don’t write these things and think you are “Christian.” Love thy neighbor as thyself, etc. etc.

  • The fake Obama been nothing but a fraud , plant by Soros to destroy our country, help only his Muslims. He lied his way into office, needs to be arrested, defunded, stripped . Everybody knows he’s a fraud from Kenya, had his records sealed, fake birth cert forged.

  • The picture is a really badly photoshopped AND the video is a cut and paste con job. At no point did I hear him profess to be a Muslim but I DID hear him say that McCain asked him “about his Muslim faith,” at which point the video cut out again. He never answered the piece-mealed question. Listen with both ears, people. Bet you don’t print this.