Privacy Policy

5.1. You hereby authorize and / or anyone on its behalf to send advertising offers as prescribed in the relevant laws in the country in which the service operates, regarding the Service and any other matter. If you are not interested in receiving advertising materials, please send a notice to the website’s management in the manner specified in the Agreement.

5.2. It is hereby clarified that the website may use any information provided by you or collected when you use the Site for marketing and / or commercial purposes and / or for the purpose of adapting the Service.

5.3. The website may collect private personal information about the User (such as, but not limited to: your name, contact details, e-mail address, phone number, etc.) and non-private information (such as, but not limited to: device type, operating system, browser type, ect.).

5.4. You hereby grant authorization to and/or anyone on its behalf to maintain your details in the website’s database in order to send marketing offers for and/or others. In addition, you hereby authorize, to trade information and transfer it to the entity that purchased the information from the website, provided that the entity will act according to the law.

5.5. The webite will use the information collected according to this Policy or in accordance with the provisions of any law, for the following purposes:

5.5.1. Enabling a custom user experience.

5.5.2. Improving the website services, for example we may use feedback from users.

5.5.3. Handling disputes.

5.5.4. Handling technical problems.

5.5.5. Send periodic emails if the user chooses to accept them.

5.5.6. Any other act permitted to the Company under any law.

5.6. invests efforts to protect the Users’ Personal Details, for any unauthorized access, however, it is hereby clarified that any technological use which may naturally contain security breaches. has no obligation to you that the information cannot be breached by any criminal individuals or otherwise.

5.7. You hereby give permission to hold the information provided by you in the website’s database, for the purpose of sending marketing proposals for the Site and / or others.

5.8. will transfer any information it received to the competent authority according to the law, insofar as to the extent required or insofar as to the extent a duty is imposed on it according to the law.

5.9. Selecting the “Contact Us” button followed by filling out the required user’s details (including name, email and phone number) in the relevant fields will enable the website to contact the user directly through the above details.

5.10. The user may submit an application to delete his personal account from the website by sending an email to the email address listed below. However, it is known to the user that deleting the account will not automatically delete its details from the company’s database and the company has the right to use the user’s details in accordance with the law.