The next time someone tries to convince you that Obama is a christian, show them this video…


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        • Muslims dont follow the bible!!!! The have their own holy book written by muhammed about 600 years after the bible and the Jewish people have 24 books, of their bible but the 1st five are the MOST important ones.

      • So say the men who have never lived thru an unwanted pregnancy. A pregnancy that could kill the mother. A pregnancy that would be a financial disaster for the family. A pregnancy that was discovered only after the mother started taking a medication that was sure to cause catastrophic birth defects. A pregnancy that resulted from molestation or rape. A pregnancy that happened even though birth control was used. It is the woman’s CHOICE to carry a child. Mind your own damn business. She has to walk the walk, not you.

  • Perverted Muslim that pulled the wool over the eyes of America and one day we will all know it. He purposely disputes the Word of God this way to make light of it and never does this to the ideology of the islam which is pure evil.

    • Aah Val. God has already exacted His revenge. According to Romans 1:28 God has abandoned this fellow to his evil mind, having refused to acknowledge God. His life has become full of every kind of wickedness………

      The lesson being that if you don’t acknowledge God, God will make you stupid and vile.

  • Only thru The Lord Jesus Christ can you be saved from an eternal hell! Believe it or not, the Bible says Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Light and ONLY Thru Him Can We Be Saved. Read The Holy Scriptures Christians. Obama being elected is a good example of an Anti American and Anti Christian being elected in a Christian nation. Along with his vile evil beliefs, he also publicly mocked Almighty God! Get up and vote Christians. Stand up for your country.

  • the scripture he refers to .. is what was given to the jews 7,000 years ago … there were other groups of people … including the Canaanites who practiced cannibalism … many pagans worshiped idols and statues and practiced stoning … in fact stoning is still widely practiced in the middle east
    ….. but Christianity didn’t exist then (in the days of the old testament) …. it came into existence AFTER Jesus ….
    he is mistaken when he says it is a Christian practice …. never has been and NEVER was

    • I admire your response. He is limited in his knowledge about the good Jews. Good orator but no divine power to bring about healthy conviction. May God have mercy on him.

    Obama has ALL the attrubutes of the EVIL WORLD LEADER…. Called the Anti Messiah. Study to show yourself approved….

  • What a joke he is and disgrace to our four fathers and constitution and our God he wanted to change it to what he thought it should say not what the bible says and believes only what he believes it should say and changes scriptures for his own beliefs not what Jesus had his disciples to right for us to follow and go by the bible is the blue print of our lives to follow not what we think it should be and not our own actions but the will of Gods and we should obey it not change it to the worlds beliefs and actions it will be our own destruction from the will of God and he will punish us all if we don’t follow his words and his scriptures because everybody will be judged by him and only him not man beliefs and thoughts everyone will see especially when he comes back and take his followers away from this world when he destroys it and it ain’t climate change it is God who is over the climate and mother nature as the world calls it but it is a lie God is still in control not the government are president and people and sure ain’t climate change

  • So, American citizens stoned in our country, in their own neighborhood, and no one did anything, not even the worthless cops by order of city hall.
    What should’ve happened was the first to throw a stone got his or her ass kicked.

    This no go zone BS won’t fly much longer here. Some serious whoopin will likely take place.

  • God is real.And hears every word we say.To mock GOD and his book,the HOLY BIBLE is tabu.One day GOD will punish him.That is a must.

  • The entire video had zero to do with the headline, and I don’t appreciate clickbait. Especially when it’s an outright lie. The damage Obama did was bad enough without lying to show it.
    It also makes you just as bad.

  • I’m afraid Obama has his religious history a bit destorted in this video, reading from the Hebrew testament while contrasting & prevailing on Jesus who fulfilled the whole of the Mosaic law code Matthew 27:51 shows it was a means to an end heralding in The long awaited Messiah. Today false religion has developedCafeteria Christian.

  • The fool, has spoken for himself, has nothing to do with America, which always has and always will be one nation under God which was built on the KJV BIBLE, United we stand, divided we fall. how did that anti American idiot get elected, only a reprobate minded person could agree with this pervert. ONE NATION UNDER ONE GOD always will be go destroy a feather Antichrist country and get out of our God fearing America

  • He is not mocking the bible. This shows that he actually read it. Unlike many who claim to be Christian’s and don’t even know what it says. He makes some valid points about our country and faith.